About us

Our story

Super Veggie Wear started off as an idea for a few T-shirt designs we always wanted, but could never find. Having these ideas drawn into a little notebook for months now, we decided to spend some time on the computer trying to turn them into actual graphics. After many late nights learning new programs and teaching ourselves graphic design, we came up with our first shirt!
Everyone we showed it to loved it!

From there we began work on more designs and decided we’d start an Instagram and Facebook page as an experiment.
While it may not seem like much, we sold seven shirts our first month! Making a profit of $50.

With that $50 we donated %100 of it to an animal sanctuary in Colorado called “Luvin Arms”

Donating to rescued animals is something we both have always wanted to do. And thanks to all you who have supported us, we are now able to make monthly donations to various sanctuaries!
But on top of that, we have decided to make Super Veggie Wear a full-time job in order to make bigger donations each month. And one day, open up our own animal sanctuary.

Clothing details

Every shirt we sell is made by American Apparel, a company who prides themselves on being made in the U.S. and sweatshop free. They even received an award from PETA as being quote “Best Vegan-Friendly Clothing Company

Here is the direct statement made by PETA
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